• Addresses Major Supplementation Barrier – Iron Intolerance
  • Demonstrated Superior Bioavailability in Clinical Studies

TCD spin-out and Enterprise Ireland High Performance Start-up, Solvotrin Therapeutics has announced it will begin the immediate commercialisation of ActiveIron, an important ‘next-generation’ iron supplement technology, designed to maximise the health benefits of iron. This important advance is the culmination of collaborative research and scientific investigation by

Solvotrin Therapeutics and scientists at Trinity College Dublin.

Traditional iron supplements are notoriously tough on the stomach and bowels, causing a host of problems including stomach cramps, nausea and constipation. In addition, traditional iron tablets are often poorly absorbed by the body, putting the consumer to expense and potential distress for no gain. The unique Double Iron Delivery System in Active Iron addresses this major barrier and delivers iron at a point in the digestive system where maximum absorption happens while limiting the side effects. Active Iron is gentle enough to take on an empty stomach. This means Active Iron is better tolerated and better absorbed and is designed to be taken as part of a healthy diet.

Dietary iron deficiency is a significant health challenge and is the most common and widespread nutritional disorder worldwide. Up to one quarter of the world’s population are anaemic, many due to dietary iron deficiency.[1]

Solvotrin’s new patent protected ActiveIron technology represents an enormous breakthrough addressessing one of the biggest obstacles in managing iron deficiency – patient compliance resulting from intolerance and adverse reactions on the digestive tract. ActiveIron has been shown in clinical studies to be gastroprotective and deliver superior bioavailability to conventional iron supplements.

Speaking about this important milestone for Solvotrin, CEO Pat O’Flynn said:

“The imminent launch of ActiveIron presents a major scientific breakthrough for combatting iron deficiency with an over-the-counter iron supplement. The scale of the opportunity for ActiveIron is truly enormous. Iron deficiency is a public health condition of epidemic proportions and is one of the biggest causative factors for ill-health.

Today’s launch is the first of an exciting platform of new products that leverage the core technology and show Solvotrin’s commitment to bring cutting edge science to address unmet needs in the market ”


About Iron Deficiency

  • According to the WHO Iron deficiency is the most common and widespread nutritional disorder in the world. As well as affecting a large number of children and women in developing countries, it is the only nutrient deficiency which is also significantly prevalent in Industrialised Countries.
  • The numbers are staggering: 2 billion people – one quarter of the world’s population – are anaemic, many due to iron deficiency, and in resource-poor areas, this is frequently exacerbated by infectious diseases.
  • Iron deficiency and anaemia reduce the work capacity of individuals and entire populations, bringing serious economic consequences and obstacles to national development. Overall, it is the most vulnerable, the poorest and the least educated who are disproportionately affected by iron deficiency, and it is they who stand to gain the most by its reduction.


About Solvotrin Therapeutics

  • An Enterprise Ireland High Potential Start-Up , Solvotrin Therapeutics was spun out from TCD in 2010 by 3 experienced healthcare and technology professionals (Pat O’Flynn, John Gilmer & Mark Ledwidge).
  • Headquartered in Cork, the company focuses on the bioactivation of established therapies, with programmes in colorectal cancer, heart health as well as vitamins and nutrition.
  • CEO Pat O’Flynn is a former Ernst Young Entrepreneur of the Year Finalist.