Solvotrin Therapeutics: Improving the tolerance and effectiveness of iron and aspirin

Enterprise Ireland has recently published an interview with Solvotrin CEO Pat O’Flynn on The Irish Advantage website.

Enterprise Ireland is Ireland’s national export agency. With over 30 offices worldwide, their local sectoral specialists work with customers to understand their unique challenges and match them with Irish suppliers that can deliver leading edge products and services.

“The problem with conventional oral iron is that it is very poorly absorbed and it causes gut inflammation or oxidative stress, which leads to the onset of constipation and diarrhea,” Pat commented. “This can cause a lot of people to stop taking iron, thus further depleting their iron stores and eventually getting very sick and having to be hospitalised for injectable forms of iron. There really haven’t been any advances in oral iron other than using gentler forms of iron, but the compromise there is very poor absorption and the individual rarely reaches their desired outcome. Active Iron, on the other hand, is both kind and strong.”

There are currently four products in the range, ActiveIron (the base product), ActiveIron for Women, ActiveIron for Men, and new this year Active Iron for Pregnancy, with a further three products on the way. For now, however, it’s about taking the product worldwide.

“We have a clear market plan,” says Pat. “We want to be able to have our direct markets within Ireland and the UK. We have specific targets in European markets, where we will go directly via distributors; we just launched in the Germany and Benelux market in June.”

The product has also launched in New Zealand, Malta, US (initially online) and most recently, China, where the company has signed a 20-year exclusive licensing and distribution agreement  for China with leading pharmaceutical and healthcare group Fosun Pharma. The deal gives the company access to over 300,000 pharmacies in China, a leading e-pharmacy channel and the support of a network of medical reps.

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