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Headquartered in Cork Ireland, we are a rapidly growing medicine development company.

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ActiveIron® is now on the market and is presently being internationalised through specific regional Licensing agreements and key Distribution agreements across the world. ActiveIron® is clinically proven to be better absorbed than the gold standard ferrous sulfate. The patent protected technology avoids the iron-related oxidative stress and damage in gut cells caused by ferrous sulfate. ActiveIron® was brought to market in 2016 and now consists of a portfolio of three products, ActiveIron® Base, ActiveIron® for Women and ActiveIron® for Men. Iron is one of the most common mineral deficiencies in the World, effecting people in both developed and developing countries in equal measure. There are a further three products scheduled for launch in 2019.

Building on the success of ActiveIron® in 2017 we began the development of a range of Food For Special Medical Purpose (FSMP). We are aiming to deliver a range of oral iron combination products for patients with disease-related malnutrition. These patients require oral iron products that are better absorbed and better tolerated than those currently available.



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