Research & Development

Solvotrin Therapeutics was incorporated after the discovery of a platform of salicylate and niacin pro-drugs, which are backed by a family of granted and pending patents.

The company has ongoing research and development programmes involving these pro-drugs in inflammatory skin diseases, such as psoriasis, as well as in cancer.

Solvotrin is also developing a range of medical foods (food for special medical purposes) for patients with disease-related malnutrition associated with iron. These patients need oral iron products that are better absorbed and better tolerated than currently marketed products. Active Iron is better absorbed than the gold standard ferrous sulfate. Also, the microencapsulated formulation results in less iron-related oxidative stress and damage in gut cells than ferrous sulfate. This can explain the low rate of adverse effects reported by users of Active Iron. These features make Active Iron a promising ingredient in medical food formulations.