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Before Active Iron the only solutions available were dominated by poorly absorbed and poorly tolerated products.
Active Irons’ Kind and Strong formula was developed in a response to the need for an iron product that is both tolerable and easy to absorb. Solvotrin’s lead product, ST1406 (also known as ACTIVE IRON®) is clinically proven to outperform market leading oral iron supplements in an iron deficiency market worth more than $10.0 Billion.

The current world market is dominated by a range of poorly absorbed and poorly tolerated products. ACTIVE IRON® is a ferrous sulfate supplement with a unique, protected formulation. ACTIVE IRON® was developed to boost iron absorption while improving the gastrointestinal tolerability and taste characteristics of oral iron.”

For more information please visit the ACTIVE IRON®website.

Active Iron & B Complex Plus for Men and for Women

Active Iron & B Complex+ for Women and Active Iron & B Complex+ for Men.

The new gender specific products contain the ground-breaking Active Iron protein formula along with new Active B Complex +. The Active B Complex+ targeted release system ensures optimum absorption of all vitamins and minerals.

Active Iron & B Complex+ for Women is specially formulated for women to tackle tiredness and support healthy hormonal activity. It also supports healthy skin, hair and nails. Along with high strength B Vitamins it contains folic acid and no vitamin A, making it suitable for those who are or might become pregnant.

Active Iron & B Complex+ for Men is specially formulated to help boost energy levels, support muscle function and mental performance, whilst contributing to the normal function of the immune system.

Both products are kind enough to take on an empty stomach whilst being strong on absorption when needed.