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Solvotrin Therapeutics Ltd is an Irish owned privately held pharmaceutical company based in Cork. Solvotrin is committed to developing cutting edge science to address unmet needs.
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Active Iron is kind enough to take on an empty stomach, with strong absorption when you need it. Visit www.myactiveiron.com for more information.
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Solvotrin Therapeutics is dedicated to sound scientific research. Active Iron is clinically proven to have twice the absorption of the gold-standard iron sulfate.
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Solvotrin Therapeutics is a privately held Irish healthcare and medicine development company. Our vision is to utilize innovative science to create products that deliver on significant unmet clinical needs. Our development is focused on optimizing established therapies to bring a significant improvement in clinical outcomes and ultimately improve the quality of life for patients across the world.



Solvotrin Therapeutics was incorporated and established in 2009 after the discovery of a platform of salicylate and niacin pro-drugs, which are backed by a family of granted and pending patents.

Solvotrin launched its first product Active Iron in 2016. This iron product was developed together with scientists at Trinity College Dublin. The groundbreaking formulation uses an innovative method of delivering iron which improves absorption and reduces side-effects.

Our research and development programmes are currently focused on pro-drugs in inflammatory skin diseases and oncology along with further expansion of the Active Iron range.





Solvotrin Therapeutics sets sights on China
Solvotrin Therapeutics and Shanghai Fosun Pharmaceutical have agreed to enter into an exclusive distribution agreement for China with Solvotrin’s leading
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Active Iron Wins ‘Best Maternity Supplement’ 2018
Active Iron has been announced as the winner in the Best Maternity Supplement category of the Pregnancy & Parenting Editor’s
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Addresses Major Supplementation Barrier – Iron Intolerance Demonstrated Superior Bioavailability in Clinical Studies TCD spin-out and Enterprise Ireland High Performance
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Solvotrin Therapeutics wins InterTrade Ireland Award
Cork Companies recognised as shining lights of the Irish SME sector ~ Companies recognised as InterTradeIreland Business Ambassadors at event
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Solvotrin Therapeutics based in Cork, Ireland
Solvotrin Therapeutics wins InterTradeIreland “Project Exemplar” Award
Pictured at the presentation of the InterTradeIreland “Project Exemplar” award are Pat O’Flynn and Tom O’Brien of Solvotrin Therapeutics (front),
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ASPIRIN BREAKTHROUGH - Trinity scientists retain the power of humble pill while getting rid of the side effects
Irish pharmaceutical firm works on cancer-prevention drug (Silicone Republic)
Irish pharmaceutical company Solvotrin Therapeutics is developing a range of Aspirin prodrugs that could be used in the fight against
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Pat O'Flynn and Mark Ledwidge at the Stock Exchange
Solvotrin CEO Addresses “IRELAND DAY” at the New York Stock Exchange
Pictured at the New York stock exchange on Monday 14th March, 2011, on the left is Pat O’Flynn (CEO Solvotrin
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Minister for Enterprise, Trade and Innovation, visits Solvotrin Therapeutics office in Cork
Minister for Enterprise, Trade and Innovation, Batt O’Keeffe visits Solvotrin Therapeutics office in Cork
From left to right: Batt O’Keeffe (Minister for Enterprise, Trade and Innovation), Deirdre Clune (TD), Pat O’Flynn (CEO, Solvotrin Therapeutics),
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Heart of the matter: Cardiovascular drug the big idea in Irish innovation
Heart of the matter: Cardiovascular drug the big idea in Irish innovation
Life-science & Food Commercialisation Award winner Pat O’Flynn (left), of Solvotrin Therapeutics with Conor Lenihan, Minister for Innovation and Feargal
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Merck to market: Life science firms pitch to Pharma giant
Merck to market: Life science firms pitch to Pharma giant (Irish Times)
IRELAND’S INDIGENOUS life sciences industry was showcased at an event in Dublin yesterday that saw 31 entrepreneurs pitch for funding
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